Analysis of the future development trend of cosmetic plastic bottles


First of all, the functionality of cosmetic bottles, su […]

First of all, the functionality of cosmetic bottles, such as the antioxidant function of airless bottles, can better improve the quality of cosmetics and ensure the stability of cosmetics quality. This kind of cosmetic bottle packaging will naturally be welcomed by manufacturers.
Secondly, the luxury of cosmetic bottles. In fact, the entire society now requires cosmetic bottles to be luxuriously packaged, which requires frugality. However, the female consumer market targeted by cosmetic bottle packaging determines the pursuit of other luxury and high-end images. Therefore, how to save cosmetic bottles in terms of materials and look high-end luxury in packaging is a problem that manufacturers need to solve.
Once again, the environmental protection of cosmetic bottles, both the government and consumers are increasingly demanding environmental protection of packaging, which is a major problem that all cosmetic bottle companies must face in the future.
Finally, cosmetic bottles are plastic bottles. Consumers have higher and higher requirements for the safety and convenience of cosmetic bottles. The future packaging will inevitably favor plastic packaging.