Application strategy of flat design concept in packaging design (1)


(1) Graphic design The flat design concept emphasizes t […]

(1) Graphic design
The flat design concept emphasizes the use of more concise simple vector geometric figures or abstract graphics to achieve the purpose of concise visual effects and highlight the information itself. Applying flat design concepts to packaging graphic design, on the one hand, we should fully respect the theme of the design, and design more reasonable flat packaging works under the common guidance of product marketing concepts, crowds, and market environments; on the other hand, On the basis of following the basic flat design principles, it is also necessary to fully consider the particularity of packaging design. It is necessary to realize the functions of packaging to protect products and promote products, and to ensure the artistry and aesthetics of packaging design so that it can meet consumption The aesthetic taste of the market masses.
Take the flat packaging graphic design of a commodity as an example. The graphic design basically follows the tenet of flat design. Simple vector geometric shapes form the sun, clouds, trees, people and mountains through a certain algorithm. The flat visual effect does not make the whole picture look monotonous, but adds a simple and refreshing look. The pattern depicts a grand scene with mountains on the side and rivers rushing, abandoning redundant complex decoration and shadow effects, the picture still has a perspective effect without clutter. The application of the flat design concept in this packaging design makes it more visually impactful, while conveying simple and clear information and content, so that the audience can quickly understand the theme and product information of the packaging design, thereby greatly reducing the product Communication barriers with consumers.