Application strategy of flat design concept in packaging design


Color considerations Color is the most distinctive elem […]

Color considerations
Color is the most distinctive element that expresses design language and artistic sentiment. The use of colors in the flat design concept is usually bold and bright, and the higher-purity and bright colors are used to build a more visually appealing picture effect. The main function of packaging design is to identify and promote the product. With the increasingly prosperous commodity economy, there are more and more homogeneous products of the same kind in the market. How to quickly capture the audience’s attention through packaging design so that they can quickly understand the product and generate emotional resonance with design as the entry point has become a promotion The key to product sales. Good packaging design is inseparable from the blessing of color. With the help of flat color design, product packaging can be more in line with the aesthetic expectations of the audience and fully meet the aesthetic needs of consumers, thereby realizing the functional value of publicity and marking products.
Incorporating the concept of flat design into packaging design, the color aspect should fully absorb the main features of flat design, and highlight the main screen content through high saturation of red, yellow, blue and other colors, with sharp contrasts of light and shade and color difference. For example, yellow and blue form a contrast color, which makes the two colors more eye-catching; the high-purity bright color and gray and white colors are matched to make the center of the picture and the background form a strong contrast. At the same time, in the flat design concept, because the three-dimensional 3D effect is boldly discarded, the use of soft light, lightening and gradation is rare. In the innovative development of flat design concepts in recent years, designers have begun to introduce 3D effects into flat design works, completely abandoning the traditional form, and through the change of color purity or brightness, using the stacking of color blocks to form Stereoscopic visual effect. If the main colors are yellow and blue, and the two colors of yellow and blue are contrasting colors, the combination of the two is more prominent, and the brightness and purity are adjusted to present a harmonious color effect. Bright colors, the stacking of color blocks, and the use of contrasting colors are the color purposes of the flat design concept, which makes the entire packaging design present a dazzling but not noisy, rich but not complicated effect, which can quickly attract the attention of the audience. To achieve the role of promoting product information and content.