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3. Psychology of seeking differences The consumer group […]

3. Psychology of seeking differences The consumer groups holding the attitude of seeking differences are mainly young people under 35 years of age. This type of consumer group believes that the style of goods and packaging is extremely important. It is about novelty, uniqueness, and personality, that is, it requires more fashionable and avant-garde aspects of packaging's shape, color, and graphics. The value and price of the goods are not very high care. Among this consumer group, underage children account for a considerable proportion, and for them sometimes the packaging of the product is more important than the product itself. Aiming at this group of non-negligible consumer groups, the packaging design should highlight the "novelty" characteristics to meet their psychological needs in seeking differences.
4. Herd mentality Consumers of herd mentality are willing to cater to popular fashion or imitate celebrity styles. The age range of such consumer groups is relatively large, because the various media's vigorous promotion of fashion and celebrities has promoted the formation of this kind of psychological behavior. For this reason, packaging design should grasp the trend of the trend, or directly launch a product image spokesperson popular with consumers to increase the reliability of the product.
5. Psychology of seeking names No matter which consumer group exists, there is a certain psychology of seeking names. It attaches importance to the brand of goods and has a sense of trust and loyalty to well-known brands. Where economic conditions permit, even the high price of the product and insist on subscribing. Therefore, establishing a good brand image in packaging design is the key to successful product sales.
In short, consumers' psychology is complex and rarely maintains one orientation for a long time. In most cases, it is possible to combine two or more psychological requirements. The pursuit of psychological diversity has prompted product packaging to present equally diverse design styles.