Cosmetic bottles can determine sales


With the upsurge in sales on e-commerce sites, small an […]

With the upsurge in sales on e-commerce sites, small and medium samples from major brands of cosmetics have been sought after. Are those big-name cosmetics that seem cheap and good quality really another window for ordinary consumers?
As we all know, big-name cosmetics are expensive, not all products that consumers can buy, and if the volume in an ordinary cosmetic bottle is not used as soon as possible, the cosmetics will expire, resulting in waste.
The products in the small and medium-sized cosmetic bottles launched according to the promotion, because of the relatively small capacity, do not have to worry about the waste caused by the use of surplus, the price is also accepted by the public, and is the only choice for ordinary consumers.
Small and medium-sized cosmetic bottles in promotional packages are generally suitable for short-term business travelers. If you really need cost-effective products, it is recommended to buy products in ordinary cosmetic bottles.
In addition, not all the products in small and medium-sized cosmetic bottles are genuine products, because of the continuous increase in sales, there are also many cases of using genuine cosmetic bottles to fill counterfeit products, especially the products purchased on major websites.