Cosmetic glass bottle


Airless bottle represents a cosmetic packaging producti […]

Airless bottle represents a cosmetic packaging production line, which is most suitable for use in a pure environment where the product is maintained and there is no external pollution. Thanks to the convenient quantitative controller, the end user can obtain the maximum hygiene and practicality. This type of bottle is very suitable for containing serum, primer, liquid foundation and moisturizer.
The skin care line also provides various types of jars for cosmetic packaging, all made of plastic or glass. Glass jars are ideal containers for beauty creams, eye contours, scrubs and facial masks, while plastic jars are more suitable for facial creams, masks or food. Finally, complete the "skin care series", plastic bottles and clear or frosted glass bottles.
Plastic bottles, linear and chic design, are ideal products such as tonics, cleansers, shower gels and shower gels.
Glass bottles are available in clear glass and frosted glass, and are designed to contain liquid foundation, serum, eye and face creams and other products.