Cosmetic packaging containers are expected to have industry standards


Many cosmetics manufacturers hope that they can combine […]

Many cosmetics manufacturers hope that they can combine different packaging components of different plastic packaging manufacturers, such as: the bottle body uses one product, and the matching bottle cap chooses another one. But this idea is currently difficult to realize, mainly because the industry standards are still not perfect.
As there is no perfect standard, each packaging company can only develop the universal bottle according to the general needs of existing customers. Not only does it cause a lot of inconvenience to customers to choose packaging, but also affects the further expansion of their product sales. In fact, functional standards still occupy a large part of product packaging, such as the cooperation of caps, stoppers and bottle mouths, the cooperation of inner and outer gallbladders, and so on. The industry urged that the functional part should be standardized and quantified as soon as possible in the industry standard, so as to achieve the organic combination of personality and commonality of cosmetic packaging.