Cosmetic packaging strength testing


Strength testing includes the tensile strength of packa […]

Strength testing includes the tensile strength of packaging materials, peel strength of composite film, heat seal strength, tear strength, puncture resistance and other indicators. Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress value that the material withstands before breaking. The inspection can effectively solve the packaging damage and fracture caused by external force due to the insufficient mechanical strength of the selected packaging material. Peel strength is also called composite strength, and it is used to detect the adhesive strength between layers in a composite film. If the adhesive strength is too low, problems such as leakage due to separation between layers are likely to occur during packaging use. The heat seal strength is to detect the strength of the seal. During the storage and transportation of the product, once the heat seal strength is too low, it will cause problems such as cracking of the heat seal and leakage of the contents. The puncture resistance is an index for evaluating the puncture resistance of the package.
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The corresponding testing instrument information is as follows:
1. XLW series intelligent electronic tensile testing machine: peeling, tensile test, heat sealing strength test of film, composite film, adhesive, adhesive tape, professional test of tear performance. This series has XLW, XLW (B), XLW (M), XLW (PC), XLW (G) and other models.
2. BLD-200S electronic peeling test machine: peeling, tensile test, heat sealing strength test of film, composite film, adhesive, adhesive tape, etc .; standard specification 200N (100N, 50N, 30N), micro-printing, computer communication interface.
3. HST-H3 heat sealing tester: sample preparation for film heat sealing strength test, pressure, temperature and time are adjustable. Single chip computer control is adopted, and the operation is intelligent; the temperature uses PID high-precision components to ensure accurate and reliable temperature.
4. RTD-R2 heat sealing gradient meter: It can prepare samples of plastic film, flexible packaging composite film and other materials at five independent temperatures at a time, and heat seal five groups of samples at a time, with high efficiency.