Don't make cosmetic packaging beautiful garbage


Earth: "Beautiful" packaging, can not afford to hurt! A […]

Earth: "Beautiful" packaging, can not afford to hurt!
As everyone knows, Chinese people need to pay a huge price for this kind of "face project". According to data from the environmental protection department, in a city in Beijing alone, of the 3 million tons of waste generated each year, 830,000 tons of them are commercial packaging waste, and 60 of these 83 tons are excessive packaging.
Since the excessive packaging will eventually be thrown away, why can't our cosmetics minimize unnecessary packaging and reduce the burden on the earth? In my opinion, to change this status quo, we need to work in many ways. The first thing to do is to change the consumption concept of modern women, do not blindly pursue product packaging, and pay more attention to the substance of the product; secondly, it is possible to establish sound laws and regulations for enterprises with excessive packaging and no recycling mechanism High fines are issued to allow companies to "pay for" the waste generated by excessive packaging.
At present, China's environmental protection is under great pressure. Excessive packaging of commodities promotes environmental pollution, which is contrary to the development of circular economy and green economy and violates the public interest. Only the people mobilize and increase the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction, so that all consumers can change their consumption concepts, so that cosmetic packaging will not become "beautiful garbage."