Essential skills for cosmetic bottle manufacturers: R&D and design


The cosmetic bottle packaging market has always been a […]

The cosmetic bottle packaging market has always been a highly competitive market. After decades of development in the packaging industry, many small and medium-sized cosmetic bottles have gradually become large-scale. but. At the same time, the cosmetic bottle packaging market is already a red sea, fighting fiercely and facing great challenges. First of all, cosmetic bottle packaging processing is a labor-intensive industry. Under the current situation of rising labor costs, natural cost and profit have been greatly compressed. Secondly, there is not a big technological gap between cosmetic bottle manufacturers, and they can only fight for profits by lowering prices. So how to break the siege in the Red Sea is the biggest challenge facing manufacturers at present?
Why is the design and development of cosmetic bottle manufacturers so important? It can be attributed to the following points:
First, the cosmetic bottle design is conducive to increasing the profits of cosmetic bottle manufacturers. Through the unique bottle shape, it is more conducive to the negotiation of prices between cosmetic bottle manufacturers and purchasers and win more profits.
Second, cosmetic bottle design will be a basic element that manufacturers must have in the era of personalized customization of cosmetic bottles in the future. Only such manufacturers can provide customized solutions for customers in the future.