From the perspective of humanized packaging design, commodity sales and set cosmetic packaging bottle prices (1)


How to let the public choose your products in the dazzl […]

How to let the public choose your products in the dazzling product display, packaging design and humanized design will play a huge role in promoting your product sales. The relationship between people and commodities is not only established on the basis of supply and demand, but more importantly lies in the aspects of recognition, understanding, emotional resonance and convenience. This requires packaging designers to have a strong product awareness, and to make packaging design have Visual impact, while understanding the nature of commodities, should also guide people's consumption with humanized design and stimulate the desire to purchase.
In the modern society with rapid economic development, design also develops rapidly. Product packaging is the appearance of the product that has the most direct contact with consumers. The function of packaging design can promote the sale of goods. The general people's understanding of packaging is: one is simple packaging (convenient for consumers); the second is hygienic packaging (safe packaging); the third is fast packaging (adapt to fast-paced life); the fourth is series packaging (to meet the needs of different levels). The use of humanity in packaging design is mostly manifested in highlighting individuality and function. American designer Pross said: "People always think that design has three dimensions: aesthetics, technology and economy, but more important is the fourth dimension: human nature." Therefore, the packaging of modern goods should be based on packaging structure, packaging materials, ease of use, Environmental protection, especially from the perspective of consumers. Under the premise of quality assurance, a humanized product packaging design image is the most effective means of promotion.
1. The humanized design of packaging
Nowadays, people are talking about humanized design, what exactly is humanized design? Experts say that humanized design is human-centered and scaled to meet people's physical and psychological needs, material and spiritual needs. When applied to packaging design, it is necessary to consider how to meet the needs of consumers, understand consumers' purchasing psychology, and design packaging that suits the characteristics of the product and meets the functional needs of consumers. American behavioral scientist Maslow analyzed human needs from low to high in five levels: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs, and self-realization needs. When the socio-economic development is at a low level, the consumer's requirements for the product (outer packaging design) are simple and practical; when the socio-economic level reaches a certain level, consumers will have higher requirements for the product (including outer packaging design) Requirements. The continuous development of social economy has confirmed the correctness of this theory. The outer packaging design of commodities in developed countries and wealthy areas is more humane, more exquisite, more refined and functional. In our country, due to economic differences, people's purchase of goods, and their levels, people have different requirements for product packaging design, so it is necessary to understand the levels and needs of different regions, so as to be more humane. "Design the packaging of goods in a practical way, and further understand the consumer psychology, spiritual and cultural needs of the people in the area. Only in this way can the packaging design be more "humanized" in commodity packaging.