From the perspective of humanized packaging design, commodity sales and set cosmetic packaging bottle prices (3)


Third, the use of humanized design in the graphics and […]

Third, the use of humanized design in the graphics and structure of commodity packaging
In product packaging, graphic design is very important. The configuration of product vision, text and background in packaging patterns must be focused on attracting customers' attention, and these design elements should be used to directly promote products. The visual stimulation of the graphics in the package to customers is more specific, stronger, and more convincing than the name of the product, and it is often accompanied by "immediate" buying behavior [2]. At the same time, in the structure of packaging, the functionality of packaging design is always the first. No matter what the shape of the design, it should be given the principle of simplicity, specialization and individualization according to the different functional needs of the packaging and the characteristics of different packaging.
First of all, the graphic form and structure form and content should be consistent, clear and specific, and the product itself can be known by looking at the packaging.
Secondly, the graphics or structure of the packaging, while considering the appeal of the product, it is necessary to consider the impact and appeal of the visual effect, and strengthen the content and information of the product to consider the relationship between its style and its elements. On the basis of achieving "accurate information transmission" and "rendering and packaging emotional atmosphere", the visual superiority of graphics is further strengthened.