How to arrange the text of cosmetic packaging design


In addition to font design, the layout and processing o […]

In addition to font design, the layout and processing of packaging text is another important factor in forming packaging image. In arranging and processing, attention should be paid not only to the relationship between words, but also to the relationship between lines, groups and groups. Writing on packaging is considered as a whole in different directions, locations and sizes. Therefore, in form, it can produce more abundant changes than the general bookbinding and advertising text arrangement.
In addition to adjusting the size, spacing and area, there should be a clear distinction between line spacing and spacing. More standardized text layout is generally four-thirds of the line spacing is willing to have decorative changes in the text relationship can be flexible and changeable.
The basic requirement of packaging text layout design is to grasp the key points of layout according to the attributes of content, the primary and secondary of the text itself, and from the overall point of view. The so-called focus does not necessarily refer to a part, but can also be a trend or feature of the overall image.
In terms of the change of arrangement form, it is changeable and has no definite pattern, but it can be divided into the following common types with reference to Chapter 2: horizontal arrangement, vertical arrangement, circular arrangement, conformal arrangement, step arrangement, staggered arrangement, grass arrangement, centralized arrangement, corresponding arrangement, repeated arrangement, pictographic arrangement and axis center. Form and so on. In addition to being used alone, various forms can also be used in combination with each other, and can evolve into more forms in the actual arrangement.