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The implementation of full-component labeling on cosmet […]

The implementation of full-component labeling on cosmetics helps consumers better understand the characteristics of the products, and then purchase them in a targeted manner to achieve clear consumption. However, even the sales staff cannot fully recognize the obscure names on the ingredient labels.
"What exactly are triol and butylene glycol? I asked five people who sell cosmetics, and none of them can explain clearly." Yesterday, in Nanning Department Store, a lady surnamed Zhang pointed to the ingredient label on Lancome sunscreen. Puzzled.
For such incomprehensible ingredient labeling, the China Consumers Association and the China Fragrance, Fragrance and Cosmetics Industry Association have just released the "Guidelines for Interpretation of All-Ingredients Labeling of Cosmetics", which converts standard names in cosmetics into generic names and indicates their actual role in cosmetics. , Consumers can access the websites of consumer associations or consumer committees across the country, and they can also log on to the website of the Ministry of Health to inquire about specific cosmetic ingredient catalogs.
Although I don’t understand, many cosmetics sales representatives say that consumers are best to choose products with "full-ingredient labels". To some extent, products with new labels are generally more "fresh".