On the importance of cosmetic packaging to products


Cosmetic bottles are a powerful tool for cosmetic compa […]

Cosmetic bottles are a powerful tool for cosmetic companies to promote their products. Beautifully designed cosmetic packaging will attract consumers to a greater extent and help improve the company's sales performance. In addition to making a fuss about the appearance of cosmetic packaging, more and more companies are now paying more attention to highlighting product themes and taking the road of low carbon and environmental protection.
With the development of the cosmetics market, the homogeneity of cosmetic products has become more and more obvious, and the difference between the cosmetics produced by various cosmetic manufacturers is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, increasing effort on cosmetic packaging bottles can highlight product themes and attract consumers. In the segmented cosmetics market, the design of cosmetic bottles that meet the needs of different similar cosmetics markets also reflects a company's marketing skills.
In terms of appearance design, cosmetic packaging should be adapted to different consumer groups' aesthetic concepts and psychological feelings. Women's cosmetic bottles should be more warm, romantic, and feminine. Men's cosmetic bottles are mostly masculine, individual and easy to use. For the elderly, cosmetic bottles should be reflected in the humanized design and ease of use. Children's cosmetic bottles need to reflect more cartoon elements and children's psychological needs. In addition, in terms of highlighting themes, many domestic cosmetics manufacturers, such as Herborist highlighting Chinese medicine and Ou Shiman highlighting pearls, have formed their own ideas and characteristics.
With environmental protection as the background of the industry, more and more companies are choosing low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging methods and packaging materials by increasing R&D technologies. Well-known companies in the industry have slogans for packaging environmental protection, using new technologies and new materials, introducing cleaner production mechanisms, and (economic model) production methods and product structures based on green and environmentally friendly low energy consumption, low pollution, and low emissions, thereby reducing Carbon emissions and sustainable economic development. Starting from the packaging design, companies should meet the requirements of simplicity, practicality, and environmental protection.