Packaging design elements


The shape element is the shape of the product packaging […]

The shape element is the shape of the product packaging display surface, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. There are three kinds of forms we see in daily life, namely natural form, artificial form and accidental form. However, when we study the form of products, we must find a form suitable for any nature, that is, to extract the common regularity, called the abstract form. We know that the form composition is the shape element, or this form element, which is a variety of ever-changing forms composed by a certain method and law. Form is composed of several elements such as point, line, surface and volume. The main forms of packaging are: cylinders, cuboids, cones, various shapes and combinations of related shapes, and the novelty of the various forms of packaging formed by different cuts is very important for consumers' visual guidance The unique visual form can leave a deep impression on consumers. The package designer must be familiar with the characteristics of the morphological elements and their expressions, and use this as the material for expressing the beauty of the form. When we consider the outline elements of packaging design, we must also understand it from the perspective of the law of formal beauty. According to the form and beauty of packaging design, combining the characteristics of the product's own function, various factors are organically and naturally combined to achieve a perfect unified design image. The law of form and beauty of packaging elements is mainly considered from the following 8 aspects:
Rules of symmetry and equilibrium
The law of stability and lightness
Rule of Contrast and Harmony
Law of repetition and response
Rules of rhythm and rhythm
Comparing with the idea of ​​union
Rule of scale and scale
Law of unification and change