Packaging product advantages of packaging bottles


The packaging of the bottle is thin, transparent, light […]

The packaging of the bottle is thin, transparent, light and beautiful in appearance. Product advantages such as easy processing, good sealing performance, and strong toughness can be fully recycled, so it is more environmentally friendly. It has high flexibility and can be reused as long as it does not damage its surface and does not produce penetration. Plastic packaging bottles have become the most used product for beverage and liquid packaging in the market. Many industries have over-packaged. In fact, experts have suggested that packaging bottles with more than three layers would be excessive. Festival is a very festive day. It is also the peak season for various video sales. The packaging market for packaging bottles has also become very popular. In addition to plastic packaging bottles, many beverages or other products require many layers of packaging, especially in the cosmetics industry. There are many ways to make polyethylene. The most common one is to polymerize ethylene at a high temperature of 200-300°C and a pressure of 1000-2000 atmospheres. In the polyethylene, no other substances are mixed. This way is made Polyethylene has low density and soft texture. It has high stability to sunlight, air, moisture and chemical reagents, so there is no need to add stabilizers and plasticizers, while stabilizers and plasticizers are mostly toxic or Very toxic.