Product diversification leads to product packaging diversification and serialization


In the field of packaging industry, with the improvemen […]

In the field of packaging industry, with the improvement of technical level, personalized manifestation and innovation have gradually emerged, which has led to the modernization of packaging design. The diversification of new machinery, new technologies and packaging styles has become the globalization and serialization of packaging design. Only when packaging designers grasp the corporate and cultural connotations in the marketing process, such as the serialized design of products and services, reflect the characteristics of the company, can they make a scientific analysis of the marketing environment and consumer psychology; Determine the correct marketing strategy on the basis; it is possible to adapt to the increasing trend of globalization of the international market economy, orderly design packaging, and more conducive to the development of international market competitiveness.
In the field of modern production, the business community is committed to the development of new varieties, new products with fast speed, short time and high efficiency. At the same time, the corresponding packaging industry is committed to providing consumers with more convenient and more readable diversified serialized packaging design has become inevitable. Taking the food industry as an example, people’s demand for food consumption The direction of diversification and specialization is developing. Therefore, the food processing industry has invested in the development of more flexible and mobile packaging lines. This fully shows that the serialized production of products and the serialized implementation of packaging have played a powerful helping role in the effective and rapid development of enterprises. The US pharmaceutical industry first adopted anti-theft opening and sealing packaging. In recent years, the diversification of drugs has accelerated the serialization of anti-theft opening and sealing packaging. This kind of safe packaging to ensure product quality has been widely used in food processing industry, dairy products, beverages and other packaging, and has been promoted all over the world.