Recommendations for wholesale purchase of cosmetic bottles


Buy cosmetic bottles, usually from these aspects: the f […]

Buy cosmetic bottles, usually from these aspects: the first is to choose the material of the cosmetic bottle, glass, plastic, according to the positioning of the cosmetics. The second is to choose the style, the cosmetic bottle packaging style and brand concept, the shape needs to be consistent. The third is the comparison of manufacturers' price quotations.
So, what are the recommendations for cosmetic bottle packaging wholesale? First of all, try your best to design products before wholesale. The first step of design is very important and requires a lot of effort. The second step is to understand the cosmetic bottle manufacturers and which customers have had cooperation cases. These are of great reference value. Finally, the contract is signed when purchasing, and the delivery date is also stated.
So, how to choose high-end cosmetic bottles wholesale. First, the appearance, design and workmanship of cosmetic bottles. We all know that high-end cosmetics have strict external packaging design requirements. Therefore, style design and workmanship are two important criteria in the selection of high-end cosmetic bottles. Secondly, the scale of cosmetic bottle manufacturers, the scale of cosmetic bottle manufacturers determines the production quality level and the delivery status in the later period. Finally, the price of high-end cosmetic bottles is related to the packaging cost of later cosmetics.