The appearance innovation and function extension of the hand sanitizer bottle


1. Innovation in appearance. If you want to break free […]

1. Innovation in appearance.
If you want to break free from many brands, you need to make bold innovations in appearance. A typical case is the packaging of Blue Moon hand sanitizer, which has a streamlined bottle like a full moon. The transparent bottle is given a green tone to highlight the concept of environmental protection. The bottle is carefully designed from height to volume.
Second, the function is extended.
In addition to satisfying the basic containment and protection functions of the product, the packaging also needs to be extended in terms of humanity to be close to consumers. A typical case is Cubessence's hand sanitizer. The bottom is a 15° inclined surface, forming an unbalanced space, which can make the products stacked on each other on the shelf, which can leave a deep impression on consumers and solve the problem of consumers. A pain point in use-most toiletries are not easy to use thoroughly because of the structural design.
3. Misunderstandings to avoid for hand sanitizer bottles
In addition to the above two requirements, the design of hand sanitizer bottles should also pay attention to entering some misunderstandings, avoid unrealistic innovations, take the initiative to overcome some technical problems, and proceed from reality and not over-package.