The detailed information present in the outer packaging of cosmetics


In cosmetic boxes and bottles, we often see some inform […]

In cosmetic boxes and bottles, we often see some information. Most people don’t take it seriously and often ignore this information. The information is not printed casually, and each represents a certain meaning. This information can better understand the characteristics of this product.
Identify barcode
Commodity barcode is an identification composed of a group of regularly arranged bars, spaces and their corresponding characters, which is used to represent a symbol of certain commodity information. Each number in the barcode has a certain meaning. General commodity barcodes generally consist of a prefix part, manufacturer code, commodity code and check code as shown in the figure below:
The prefix code in the commodity barcode is a code used to identify a country or region, and the code is assigned to the International Article Numbering Association. The empowerment of the manufacturer code is in the article coding organization of each country or region, and China is assigned the manufacturer code by the National Article Numbering Center. The product code is a code used to identify the product, and the right to assign the code is exercised by the product manufacturer itself. At the end of the commodity barcode, a check code is used to verify the correctness of the 1-12 digit code from the left in the commodity barcode.
The outer packaging of regular cosmetics should be marked with:
1. Hygiene Permit, Weizhuang Zhunzi 29 (representing province)-xk (representing Xu)-1679 (representing batch number)
2. Production license xk16-1083529
3. Implement standard AB-02, numbered by the manufacturer
4. Special cosmetics should have a special cosmetics batch number QG(97) Health Makeup Standard 25 (representing province)-QG (special cosmetics mark)-07 (representative category)-0907 (representative serial number)
Special purpose cosmetics classification number: 01 hair growth 02 hair dye 03 perm 04 hair removal 05 beauty milk 06 bodybuilding 07 deodorant 08 freckle 09 sunscreen nine kinds of cosmetics. The product packaging must have a special cosmetics batch number. Batch number: Hygiene makeup Special Character (Year) No. 0000 If there are no two kinds of batch numbers, it is a three-free product
5. Imported cosmetics: batch number approved before May 1999: (91) Weizhuangzhanzi 02 (representative category)-JK (representative import)-0011 batch number approved in May 1999: Weizhuangjinzi (year) No. 0000 No. Imported Cosmetics Classification Number: 01 Hair Use 02 Skin Care 03 Beauty Modification 04 Perfume