The importance of packaging design in products


With the rapid development of the market economy today, […]

With the rapid development of the market economy today, marketing talks most about brand packaging, channel planning, and product listing. When you search for related marketing keywords on the Internet, a large amount of information will come out. The degree of fierce market competition can be seen, but market competition At a certain stage, the role of some marketing details will be prominent. Losing points in marketing details may affect the overall planning. Product packaging design is one of the most important steps that cannot be ignored.
I remember a Japanese friend gave me a gift a dozen years ago, and when I first saw such a beautiful package, I was very impressed. I just thought it must be something special, but he just It is a piece of baking cake, but the wrapping paper is printed very beautifully. Three layers of wrapping paper are used. The content on the wrapping paper is a hand-painted baking cake making process. Opening a layer of wrapping paper is like completing a production process until the process. When I finished unpacking the last piece of wrapping paper, I saw that the white and slippery finished product-baking cake. Leaving aside his excessive waste, I have seen and eaten too many beaters in China. The packaging is very simple or even unpacked, but this beater makes me appreciate the hard-won and the The value of the product naturally made me cherish the baking cake in my hand. I ca n’t bear to eat the baking cake. Until now, I still keep the wrapping paper. The packaging design of many domestic products is designed by professional artists. The starting point is from the aesthetic point of view. Few art designers have marketing concepts. The product packaging designed does not have the concept of marketization.
Product packaging is designed to sell the product, not just beautiful, self-appreciation. I have always liked some foreign product packaging designs. Many domestic manufacturers are also learning some foreign design concepts and drawing on some of their design elements and design techniques. Some products are "cottages" in place, and some products are nondescript. . Product design still needs to be based on the positioning of the product. The product packaging design styles will vary greatly depending on the positioning of the product. Some time ago I went to Changsha for a business trip and found that the betel nut on the street is full of fat, not to mention the supermarket. Even the most common stalls selling cigarettes and beverages can see betel nut products, but no matter where they go, the product of fat brother is always It is very prominent, and it feels very good to me. Just glance at it to know if there is a product of Fat Brother. After consulting the relevant information, it is found that the product of Fat Brother Betel Nut was invited by Beijing Fangyuan Runzhi Planning Company to make a full plan. Fat Brother The betel nut product has made a phased plan, step by step, and seized and plundered the market in stages, reaching a sales of 1.6 billion in just 3 years, and finally occupying the entire target market. But what impressed me most was the product packaging design of betel nut products. The design of the product is explained by one of the pure fragrance products. First of all, the main color system is in line with the positioning tone. The pure golden color of the pure fragrance product immediately stands out among many betel products. Under the sunshine of the south, it shows its unique product value, raises the grade of the product, and reflects his unique side. The product is afraid of comparison. For first-time buyers, Chunxiangfang is definitely my first choice.
Secondly, the text on the packaging should be clear, and the text on the outer packaging should be concise and clear. It clearly expresses the product's demands and makes people know the product information to be communicated clearly. In many domestic product packaging designs, the conceivable advantages are always listed on the product packaging. I am afraid that some beautiful words have been missed, but in my opinion, a graded product will be an orderly product. The text states that in the product packaging, it is necessary to distinguish between major and minor elements, and the relationship between major and minor elements, not a pile of beautiful words. The design of packaging is not only beautiful, the key is to show its beauty on the basis of marketing, and fully express the positioning of the product from the overall packaging design of the product. Only in this way can it be more easily accepted by consumers and the product will be on the market. stand out.