The inner universe of container color


The outer skin of the skin care product packaging depen […]

The outer skin of the skin care product packaging depends on creativity, but the lining (especially the plastic cream bottle) in contact with the skin care product is most suitable for pure white. Mainly it is easy to observe the changes in the properties of skin care products, and secondly, it is the products that can avoid the elution of dyes in plastics.
When the skin care product is acidic, easily oxidized, pure oil wax composition or solvent (such as essential oil, alcohol, cleansing oil), if it is a non-glass container, it is better to use non-staining plastic containers to avoid coloring. Risk of dissolution and penetration into the product.
As for glass containers that are in direct contact with the inner material, the darker the color, the better the preservation of the freshness of the inner material. For those who are not used to storing skin care products in the drawer or cupboard every time they are used up, dark bottles are a good choice.
Of course, the more highly active skin care products, such as skin care products with anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and whitening effects, the light blocking effect of the bottle container must be sufficient to maintain its value.
But don't be fooled by the color of the glass bottle! There are many ingredients that are easy to oxidize, such as vitamin C, green tea, white tea, and polyphenols, which will darken day by day after leaving the factory. Of course, the brand knows how to use the color of the container to hide it. When encountering skin care products with this ingredient, be smarter, try to choose a closer production date.