What are the manifestations of cosmetic packaging design?


The form and technique of expression are all solutions […]

The form and technique of expression are all solutions to how to express. The form is the external weapon, the specific language of the design expression, and the visual communication of the design. Performance considerations include the following:
How to design the main and non-subject graphics; use photographs or paintings; figurative or abstract; realistic or freehand; inductive or exaggerated; whether to adopt a certain process form;
The overall tone of the color; the hue, brightness, purity of each part of the color block, how the relationship between different color blocks, how different areas of the color change.
How to design the brand and the name of the product; how big is the font size.
How to deal with the positional arrangement of the trademark, the main text and the main figure; how the various parts of the shape, color and word form each other; what kind of arrangement is used to construct.
Whether to assist in the decorative treatment; how to consider the use of gold, silver and texture, texture changes and so on. These are all to be specifically scrutinized in the whole process of formal consideration.