What is the definition of product packaging design?


Product packaging design refers to the selection of sui […]

Product packaging design refers to the selection of suitable packaging materials, based on the characteristics of the product itself and the preferences of the audience, using clever craftsmanship, the container structure modeling and packaging beautification decoration design.
The packaging of a product directly affects the customer's purchasing psychology, and the packaging of the product is the most direct advertisement. Good packaging design is one of the important means for companies to create profits. The product packaging design with accurate strategy positioning and consumer psychology can help enterprises stand out among many competitive brands. Packaging design covers product container design, product interior and exterior packaging design, tag, label design, transportation packaging, and gift packaging design, and bag design are important factors for product promotion and sales. Excellent packaging not only attracts the attention of customers in the store, but also further enhances the products. It is a market strategy that any well-known enterprise can't ignore.