What is the focus of cosmetic packaging design?


The focus is on the concentration of performance conten […]

The focus is on the concentration of performance content. The packaging design is carried out within a limited picture, which is a spatial limitation. At the same time, the packaging is in the short-term time for the purchaser to know, which is a limitation of time. This time and space restriction requires that the packaging design cannot be blindly pursued, and that everything is put in place and nothing is equal.
The key points are to compare and select relevant information on commodities, consumption and sales. The basic point of selection is to improve sales. The relevant items identified in the following are listed for reference.
The trademark image of the product, the meaning of the brand;
The functional utility of the product, the texture attribute;
The origin of the commodity, local factors;
The background of the sale of the commodity, the object of consumption;
The difference between this product and the current product;
The condition of the same packaging design of the commodity;
The product has a total of its characteristics and so on.
These are the media materials for design ideas. Design as much as possible to understand the relevant information, compare and select, and then determine the performance focus. Therefore, designers are required to have a wealth of knowledge about the goods, markets, and life, and the accumulation of cultural knowledge. The more you accumulate, the wider the world of ideas, the more roads there are, and the more important the choices are.
The main choices include the trademark grade, the commodity itself and the consumer object. Some products with famous trademarks or grades can use the brand name as the performance focus: some products with more prominent characteristics or packaging of new products can be focused on the product itself; some products that are highly targeted to users Packaging can focus on the consumer. Among them, the performance-oriented performance has the greatest performance, which is discussed later. In short, no matter how you perform, you should focus on conveying clear content and information.