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Jinsheng, the art-grade daily packaging, combines fashion and unique craftsmanship, and reflects fashion, environmental protection and


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Committed to becoming the world's top professional manufacturer of high-end cosmetics bottle packaging.


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Shaoxing Jin Sheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a

China cosmetic packaging manufacturers and plastic cosmetic jars/bottles factory

, the company specializing in the production of cosmetics bottle packaging, for the global high-end cosmetics manufacturers comprehensive service. According to the needs of different customers, complete the product design, development, mold making, injection molding, UV spraying, bronzing, silk screen, assembly and final product. The main products include acrylic bottles..

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Global Sales Network

70% of the company's plastic cosmetic jars and cosmetic bottles are sold all over
the world, mainly North America, Europe, South Korea, Japan and so on.

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70% of the company's cosmetic bottles and other cosmetic packaging are sold all over
the world, mainly North America, Europe, South Korea, Japan and so on.

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