Basic knowledge of color matching and process of plastic bottles (3)


Color matching management The hardware for color matchi […]

Color matching management
The hardware for color matching management includes a color meter and a computer for processing the measured data. Colorimeters can be divided into two types: spectrophotometer and colorimeter, which can replace the human eye to measure color and remove the influence of human factors on the measurement result.
The spectrophotometer is used to measure the reflection coefficient of each wavelength to the completely diffuse reflection surface. The chromaticity value or chromatic aberration cannot be obtained directly, but the chromaticity value and various other values ​​can be evaluated through data processing. Spectrophotometers can be divided into two types: diffraction gratings and interference filters. The advanced spectrophotometer with built-in microprocessor has the functions of 0%, 100% automatic correction and magnification increase, thereby improving the accuracy.
The colorimeter is a simple test instrument, that is, to make a filter with spectral characteristics equal to the color sensitivity of the human eye, and use it to measure the sample. The key is to design a photoreceptor with spectral sensitivity characteristics and can The color difference meter is small in size and easy to operate under a certain light source. The color difference meter is more suitable for batch management of the same product with small changes in spectroscopic characteristics. The color difference meter with a small microcomputer is easy to use standard templates. Correct and output multiple color difference values.
Color matching management software has spectroscopic inversion rate curve, color difference formula, conditional color representation, hiding power representation and haze representation. The spectral reflectance curve is used for analysis when selecting colorants, and cannot be used to judge the consistency of colors. The color difference value is one of the most important indicators in color management, but the color difference obtained by different color difference formulas is different, so the chromaticity system or color difference formula used must be indicated.