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It is a graphic, text and number printed on the outside […]

It is a graphic, text and number printed on the outside of the shipping package and a combination thereof. There are three kinds of packaging signs: transportation signs, indicating signs and warning signs. The transport mark, also known as the Mark, refers to the geometric figures, specific letters printed on the product packaging that reflect the consignee and shipper, the destination or transit place, the part number, the lot number, the place of origin, etc. Numbers and short texts, etc. Indicative signs are marks made of eye-catching graphics and simple text for products that are easily broken, damaged, or deteriorated according to the characteristics of the product. Indicative signs indicate that the relevant personnel are paying attention during loading, unloading, handling, storage, and operation. Commonly, there are “this end up”, “fragile”, “careful and light”, “suspension” and so on. Warning signs are special characters printed on the transport packaging of dangerous goods such as flammables, explosives, corrosives and radioactive materials to warn them. Common "explosives", "flammables", "drugs" and so on.