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Three, bronzing process The hot stamping process includ […]

Three, bronzing process
The hot stamping process includes:
Hot stamping preparation→plate loading→pad plate→determination of hot stamping process parameters→test hot→sign sample→formal hot stamping.
Hot stamping is a special printing process that does not use ink. The so-called hot stamping refers to the process of hot stamping the electrochemical aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure.
Packaging anti-counterfeiting anodized aluminum hot stamping graphics and texts present a strong metallic luster, colorful and dazzling, never fade. In particular, the gold and silver electrochemical aluminum, with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decoration, embellishes the surface of the printed matter, enhances the artistic Tangshan jade seal of the printed matter, and plays a promotional effect that highlights the theme; its brightness greatly exceeds that of printed gold and printed silver. , So that the product has a high-end feeling and gives people a beautiful enjoyment. At the same time, because of the excellent physical and chemical properties of anodized aluminum, it plays a role in protecting printed products, so the hot stamping process is widely used in high-end and exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, wall calendars, book covers and other printed materials; secondly, anodized aluminum hot stamping A very wide range of characters, from general book covers, trademark patterns, publicity advertisements, plastic products to daily necessities, from paper to leather, cotton, etc.;