The "beauty strategy" of men's cosmetics creates his exclusive channel


Different consumers have different requirements for pro […]

Different consumers have different requirements for products, and businesses should develop products tailored to the needs of different consumer groups. As a fast-moving consumer product, male cosmetics must first rely on the product itself to have a bright marketing prospect. That is, in the functional design of the product, it is necessary to constantly innovate, create the needs of male consumers and perceive the difference in segmentation, or create the market advantage of the product from the aspect of additional benefits.  
The consumer groups of male cosmetics are mostly mature men, with relatively high purchasing power, more rational product selection, easy to form brand preference, and male consumer behavior is characterized by focusing on product simplicity, speed, and safety. The development of male cosmetics should highlight male beauty. Male consumers' requirements for cosmetics are expressed in three aspects: quality, shape and fragrance. Therefore, the packaging design of male cosmetics products should highlight the bold, free and easy, and fortitude of men to distinguish them from the feminine temperament of female cosmetics. The fragrance configuration of the product should be based on delicate fragrance, highlighting its elegant but not vulgar, clear and unmixed, unique and outstanding breath.