Packaging box design pay attention to the contrast relationship between color and color (4)


(5) The elegant contrast in the use of color is mainly […]

(5) The elegant contrast in the use of color is mainly to highlight its vulgar characters to contrast its elegance. And this vulgar expression is carried out with "dirty" disorder and disorder in color (in fact, it is original, some Western oil paintings are very concerned with this expression-that is, modern abstract art). This composition is either a symbolic reveal of the theme, or a service for the theme "setting up the lotus". Make it a little red in the flowers. For example, on a packaging screen, it seems to be careless to randomly pile up or throw a mess of colors on top of it. Then quietly aside or cleverly spot the theme of the pattern. This is very interesting. In addition to packaging, even book bindings, advertisements, posters on posters, and casual columns on TV have tried this.
(6) Contrast of color use. This contrast contrast is essentially a contrast effect formed by the differences of multiple pigments themselves. This contrast effect is usually expressed in terms of: light and dark contrast (or yin and yang contrast), like China's easy-to-light picture; cold and warm contrast, such as the contrast between red and blue; dynamic contrast, such as a light and calm background and lively jumping Contrast of pattern text: light contrast, such as deep pigment and light pigment contrast and so on.