Packaging box design pay attention to the contrast relationship between color and color (3)


(3) The point-to-face ratio (or size contrast) used for […]

(3) The point-to-face ratio (or size contrast) used for color. This kind of contrast is mainly used in the design of a packaging picture, using the contrast from a center or a concentrated point on the pigment to the overall picture, that is, a small range and a large range. Contrast between pictures. In daily life, especially in washing and cosmetics, we can see that on the packaging of a product, the entire area is clean and clean. There is a very obvious heavy-colored small square in the middle (or Elliptical or small) and then the theme of the brand and name of the packaging content is reflected from the picture of this small square. This is not only a combination of point and surface, but also a big and small contrast. And a gradual transition to contrast.
(4) Concise comparison of color usage. We can see the uniform 100 instant noodles. On the bottom half of their packaging bags are the physical patterns of each miscellaneous instant noodles, while at the top of the screen is the entire clean big green red color, and then stands out very prominently. " 100 ", then look at the cover of the 66th issue of Packaging World Magazine (also called the book packaging). It is very complicated to cover the bottom with a large area of ​​real photos of straw weaving. Even the four words of the packaging world are complicated, but the center position of the main screen shows a clean round blank. It states "This magazine will be expanded and expanded in 2000" and "Welcome you to subscribe to the local post office." It's as simple and simple as it is, but ingeniously puts out the focus of the magazine's most important ideas. The author has also seen a kind of dumpling packaging bag and a seasoning packaging bag in the store. The entire screen uses green, black and * pigments and intertwined with each other on a screen, that is to say that the trademark is forced to impatiently I also want to express the name and the accompanying pattern. As a result, the large area of ​​the complicated design does not have any practical meaning. The dark pattern appears, and the main body of the above description is completely diluted and overwhelmed, causing this kind of packaging in A sense of depression and boredom in human psychology naturally also affects sales.