Packaging box design pay attention to the contrast relationship between color and color (2)


The use of color contrast (or contrast) is also one of […]

The use of color contrast (or contrast) is also one of the important reproduction methods in the use of packaging colors. This kind of contrast is often used a light and elegant background color to set off a heavy theme pattern, or in a heavy theme pattern (mostly the color block pattern is the most important). Shows the theme and name of the light and elegant packaging, as well as the trademark or slogan. In turn, a large area of deep and deep pigments can also be used as a foundation. In addition, use light and simple tones or focus on a certain color block or fully decorate some patterns. In this light and heavy contrast, the general pigments have a coordinated color contrast and a warm and cold color contrast. The method of coordinated color contrast is often light green to dark green; light * to dark coffee; pink to red, etc., while the contrast of cold and warm colors is mostly Black and white, red and blue.