Tips for the use and maintenance of essential oil bottles


In addition to rubbing essential oils on your hands or […]

In addition to rubbing essential oils on your hands or tapping into a water-oxygen machine, essential oil bottle manufacturers suggest that you can also put essential oils in an "essential oil bottle" and carry them with you. You can smell the aroma of essential oils at any time to relax you~ the current market Many essential oils provide "glass essential oil bottles" and "mineral essential oil bottles", which can be used on necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, mineral bracelets, pendants and other accessories. The following explains how to use essential oil bottles and how to maintain them. .
☆ How to use essential oil bottles
● Glass essential oil bottle
First prepare a small glass bowl or a small vessel that can hold a small amount of essential oil, drop the essential oil into the small bowl according to the proportion, use the attached essential oil needle to complete the extraction, and fill it into the glass bottle to complete.
● Mineral essential oil bottle
The essential oil can be filled in the same way as the glass essential oil bottle (described in the above item), or the essential oil can be directly dropped into the bottle at an angle of 45°. Special reminder: Mineral essential oil bottle caps are all specially customized. To prevent the cork from breaking the bottle cap and affect the durability of the raw ore cap surface, please be sure to open and close by rotating.
☆ Purifying essential oil bottle
All kinds of essential oil bottles need to be purified and cleaned once every two weeks. If you change different essential oils, you also need to clean them before adding different formulas. When cleaning, please use 75% alcohol and avoid using other cleaning agents.
● Glass essential oil bottle
Use a needle to inject alcohol into the glass bottle and shake it gently, then suck out the dirty alcohol and pour it out. Repeat this action 2 to 3 times to complete the cleaning, and you can continue to add essential oils for use.
● Mineral essential oil bottle
When cleaning, soak the essential oil bottle in 75% alcohol for about 5 minutes and then take it out and wipe it with a paper towel. The inside of the essential oil bottle can be cleaned with a small cotton swab or wipe the remaining mixture. In addition, do not soak bottle caps for more than 30 seconds to prevent the cork from swelling and deforming or affecting the durability of the raw ore cover.