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The use of humanized design in packaging color Among th […]

The use of humanized design in packaging color
Among the several packages that we are familiar with, one of the Coca-Cola products, Sprite carbonated drinks, its classic slogan "beautiful, clear and cool" is derived from its smooth packaging container shape and grass green color, plus The ingenious combination of abstract water patterns and bottle shapes and colors has produced a good visual effect of product packaging; Pepsi’s classic blue is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, echoing the sense of fashion, modernity and coolness advocated by Pepsi; Dove chocolate advertisement The language is "Enjoy silky softness". The packaging color uses chocolate color and silky soft lines to express, giving consumers a noble and mysterious feeling, and stimulating many female consumers and lovers to buy.
Psychological research has shown that when the human visual organ observes an object, the color sensation accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds, while the body sensation accounts for 20%; after 2 minutes, the color occupies 60%, and the body occupies 40%; 5 minutes later, each Half, and this state will continue to be maintained. It can be seen how fast, deep, and lasting the impression of color is [1]. Therefore, successful packaging design is good at using targeted personality to demonstrate its functions. Through the appearance of packaging, the information required by consumers is strengthened, and consumers’ emotions are communicated, so that consumers can visually package products. Was impacted on the market, thereby achieving the purchase behavior.