Indirect expression of packaging design


Indirect performance is a relatively intrinsic expressi […]

Indirect performance is a relatively intrinsic expression. That is, the object itself does not appear on the screen, but the object is represented by other related things. This technique has a broader performance and is often used to express certain attributes or brands, ideas, etc. of the content.
As far as products are concerned, some things cannot be directly expressed. Such as perfume, wine, washing powder, etc. This needs to be handled by indirect expression. At the same time many or direct performance products. In order to obtain novel, unique and varied performance effects, they often seek new and change from indirect performance.
Indirect expressions are metaphors, associations, and symbols.
Metaphor: The metaphor is that it is a matter of comparison with this thing. It is a metaphorical component that must be the specific thing and specific image that most people know together. This requires the designer to have a richer life knowledge. And cultural accomplishment.
Lenovo: The idea of ​​joint thinking is to guide the viewer's understanding with a certain image to concentrate in a certain direction, and the association generated by the viewer complements the things that are not directly explained on the screen. This is also a way of expressing performance. When people watch a design wound, it is not just a simple visual acceptance, but always produces certain psychological activities. The awareness of certain psychological activities depends on the performance of the design, which is the psychological basis for the application of the joint idea. The medium image used by the joint idea is more flexible than the metaphor image. It can be figurative or abstract. Various concrete and abstract images can cause people to associate with each other. People can think of happiness from figurative flowers, from frogs to frogs, from pyramids to Egypt, from fallen leaves to autumn and so on. It is also possible to think of the mountains and rivers from the abstract wood grain, from the horizon to the sea of ​​heaven, from the green to the grassland forest, from the flowing water to think of the lost time. The ice on the window will make people associate.
Symbol: This is a transformation of metaphor and association. It is more abstract in the meaning of expression and more condensed in the form of expression. In the packaging and decoration design, it is mainly reflected by the common understanding of the majority of people to express the meaning of the brand and the abstract attributes of a certain commodity. The photo film method is contrary to the metaphor and the joint idea, and is more rational and implicit. For example, the Great Wall and the Yellow River symbolize the Chinese nation, the pyramid symbolizes Egypt's ancient civilization and civilization, and the maple leaf symbolizes Canada and so on. The symbolic medium should have a permanent meaning that cannot be arbitrarily changed in the expression of meaning. In the symbolic expression, the symbolic use of color is also very important.
Decoration: In terms of indirect performance, some gift packaging often does not directly use metaphor, association or symbolism, but expressively. This kind of "decorative" should pay attention to certain directionality, and use this nature to guide the concept. The feelings of the person.