Men ’s cosmetics “beauty strategy” have something to say to him


Merchants have figured out the consumer's psychology an […]

Merchants have figured out the consumer's psychology and positioned the product, but in order to make the product ultimately acceptable to consumers and build brand awareness, it is inseparable from the key link of information dissemination. To open up the market for men's cosmetics, we need to work hard on integrated marketing communications. First of all, businesses need to know who to say to. The main consumers of the male cosmetics market have surfaced, they are modern "new men". The so-called new male includes two kinds of people. One is that the external equipment level can be clearly perceived by the public as an elite among males; the other is a group that considers itself to be a new male or at least a potential group of new males But they are generally not perceived by the public. The new man has a personality that combines strength, quality and personality. Therefore, when advertising performance, businesses should create a product image that conforms to the characteristics of the new male personality. While disseminating and emphasizing the function of a product, they should embody the charm of men in strength and depth. At present, many companies do not realize that in many male advertisements, the male image is hollow and soft, lacks masculinity, and looks handsome but lacks connotation. There is a gap between the performance strategy of advertising and the identity of male consumers on their own image and expectations, which cannot arouse the spiritual resonance of new men, let alone the psychological desires that male consumers pursue. Second, businesses need to know what to say, that is, what the ad says. Businesses should be good at discovering the drama of each product and giving it unique sales propositions. In the era of homogenization of products, fast moving consumer goods are facing a severe competition situation where thousands of horses and horses cross the wooden bridge. How to highlight the value of products and brands and break into consumers' minds is a key step for them to win. Recently, the advertising requirements of various businesses are different. For example, the poems in the broadcast claim that "clean men, women love" take the line of product efficacy and emotion; Adidas, which is popular in Europe, has always emphasized health as the main line, such as "like sports, full of vitality", "healthy skin" The source of power "; the domestic Gao Fu held up a personalized banner of" your own choice ". What to say and how to say are always factors that need to be considered for the success of information communication. In addition to advertising and guiding the consumer concept to establish a product brand, it is also feasible to use terminal marketing channels to reduce the distance with male consumers and increase their awareness. At the same time, the driving force of women cannot be ignored. Women have an influence on men's consumption concepts. Women's identification will improve men's satisfaction and being identified. Cai Shi believes that "clean men, women love more" is based on women's aesthetics, hoping to win more popularity in the male cosmetics market. The spring of the men's cosmetics market is gradually coming, and each merchant is also showing his magical power to carry out the strategy of "beauty" for men. In the end, for whom the treasure of the men's cosmetics market is called "Sesame Door Opening", the door has to be opened. Have something to tell him