Plastic and glass bottle markets are in trouble


As we all know, plastic bottles and glass bottles have […]

As we all know, plastic bottles and glass bottles have been in an awkward state for a long time. In the long-term continuous struggle, the two sides have occupied certain advantages in certain industries for a certain period of time, and now they are constantly running on each other. As a result, glass bottles lost a large part of the market share and were greatly affected. Therefore, Bian Xiao believes that both plastics and glass should try to explore more areas unrelated to them and open up larger areas.
I don’t know if you have noticed that hose packaging is slowly occupying the plastic bottle market, so in order to change this situation, we must continue to open up larger markets, improve and update products, and enter new areas;
Although plastic packaging bottles have more advantages than glass packaging bottles, each has its own advantages. These advantages should be fully utilized instead of stopping fighting each other, mainly because of the saturation of the market. Therefore, every company needs to find the differentiation of its products in the market and then expand; two materials are facing this huge problem:
The transportation cost of plastic bottles and glass bottles, as well as the huge space occupation, is undoubtedly a huge consumption if they are to be shipped abroad;
However, glass itself is a big problem and has not prevailed. It is a completely uncompetitive plastic. Therefore, glass bottles need to be constantly updated, and the design should be flexible and diverse, especially in the cosmetics industry.